Sonoita Invaders Adrenaline

29.5 Inches / born 04/02/2010
AMHA A 204317
(Another Dimension DWB S Invader X Sonoitas Known to Dream)

Adrénaline is FOR SALE.

Adrenaline is a small exceptional stallion. His bloodlines, his conformation and his attitude make him really special.

His father is the wellknown ”Invader”. Invader produced a lot of World and World Grand Champion every years in USA. Adrenaline is himself “2011 World Champion Open yearling Stallion under 28”. The World Show was in Texas like every year and we were really happy to see him showing and win his World title because we were there.

It’s really difficult to find a so perfect small horse. Adrenaline has a wonderful elevated long neck, he has a short back, perfect legs, and an attitude to die for. All of this points make Adrenaline a really special stallion and we are proud to own him. We will breed him to our John’s and Junior’s daughters in the future.