The Stallions

Since 1991 we have travelled the entire world to find the stallions that can be the foundation of our breeding program. We are now proud to show you the stallions that are the pillars of our selection.

EBF John’s Suprême Héritage “Junior”

32 Inches / born 02/04/07
AMHA A180358 / AMHR 312796A

Samis VIP Mr John X Samis Vice Puff

No breedings available in 2021.

Oak Bay Mi Amigo

Oak Bay Mi Amigo

33 Inches / 10 May 2008
AMHA A 188064 AMHR 292061A

Oak Bay Salsamio X TLC Summer Sunshine

4 breedings available in 2021.

EBF Natural Talent Legend

EBF Natural Talent Legend

33.5 Inches / born 2015
AMHR 333054T

Wa-Full Unique Legend x RHA Lovely Rita

3 breedings available in 2021.

EBF John’s POL Bright Horizon

32.5 Inches / born in 2017
AMHA A230222 /AMHR 340758T

Samis VIP Mr John X Oak Bay Salsa Lady in Red

3 breedings available in 2021.


TG Im A Country Boy

TG Im A Country Boy

32.5 Inches / born in 2010

JC’s JO-CO Lil’Admiral x D & S Just Watch Me

Co-owned with Maurice & Petra Felkers from Kingswood Horse Farm, The Netherlands.

No outside breedings available in 2021.


Reference Stallions

Samis VIP Mr John

31.75 Inches / born 21/03/03
AMHA A 141559 – AMHR 243061A

Lucky Four Rebels Regalaire X Samis Rave Revue