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EBF Training Center - Show team

Since 1991 we are specializing in AMHA horses, the most typical and most representative. Our goal is to participate in all European competitions. For that we try every year to promote our horses as well as those of different owners who put their trust in us for letting them train and prepare for the contest. The previous shows were a real success and we are very proud of that.

These days, it is not enough that a horse is good to win at European competitions. Several other criteria are important, the most important being

  • Flawless grooming
  • Excellent physical condition
  • Perfect presentation

This is what has helped us to reach today’s standard. After eighteen years of practice, we are considered being one of the best training centers in Europe.

EBF Training Center
EBF Training Center
EBF Training Center

In order to achieve the best result, we need to start work in January for a horse to be ready in early April. Our horses and yours will be fed and trained the best. We check every week if there has to be changed anything about the food! Team competition will consist of two presenters on the ring and three people who prepare the horses before entering the ring.

We are moving by truck, the show horses are traveling in the same compartment with us and arrive in better conditions. The necessary equipment is provided by us.

We put all our expertise into this so that each horse is a winner, if it meets the criteria of this judge in the ring.
No drugs and no aggressive methods are used in our team. We want to ensure that each horse is well in his head and his body to be as efficient as possible.

I would like that we in Europe introduce blood tests on the shows to prove we don’t use drugs!

Training Fees & Prices

Stabling and training: 380 Euros per month

Before each show (clipping etc.): 150 Euros

The transport price is calculated on the number of horses who travel to she show and on the kilometers than we have to go to the show: approximately 60 Euros per show

Farrier: 25 Euros

Make up, show halter and preparation at the show: free

The owner pays all the entries and stabling for their horses directly to the show manager, approximately 15 Euros per class (around 50 Euros per horse per show).

A training contract for the current show season is available by E mail.