Texas LL Miss Mystic

Texas LL Miss Mystic

33.5 Inches / born 18.05.2005
AMHA A 162911/ AMHR 271955 A
(Jandts Mystico Lad X WF Something Special)

Dam of World Champions AMHA and National Champions AMHR in USA

18/05/2005 – 31/03/2020
She was one in a million for me and for everyone at EBF. Everybody who was seeing her wants her….She produced top foals all her life. Some world champions colts in USA and Grand Champions colts in Europe like

– EBF Cutty Made in France ( 2014) owned by Dirk Blommaert
– EBF John’s Extasy (2015) owned by Marlonne Van Zelst
– EBF John’s Vendôme ( 2014) owned by Celia Limon
– EBF John’s Apocalyptic (2017) owned by Ellen Schiettecatte and Nick Van Achter
– EBF Mi Tula Superior (2018) owned by Pat Hampton

I was waiting for so long a filly from her to follow her legacy at EBF and unfortunately the baby who died with her this morning was a gorgeous filly.

Please follow her bloodlines with all the colts she produced who are now stallions and will continue her legacy. I regret now to not have a colt from her.

When I was putting her in the fields everyday she was always speaking with me like « how are u today » « we have sun today ». I feel terribly sad, I miss her already so much, she was so special to me. I hope she will continue to watch us in heaven and will send us positiv things since at this time we all human than we are need it.