EBF SH Inspiration

Born: 18/05/2019
Colour: Palomino Pinto with two blue eyes
Height: will be 32/33 at maturity
Dam: DT Pattons Lightning Lizzy
Sire: EBF John’s Suprême Héritage

Really exotic and special colt . « Inspiration » is coming from an European Suprême Champion family from Sire and Dam. Inspiration’s dam is a daughter of DT Midnight Painted Patton « EUROPEAN SUPREME Champion Stallion ». This colt’s father « EBF John’s Suprême Héritage » is AMHA European Suprême Champion and produced himself an AMHA European Suprême Champion and so many Suprême Champions all over Europe.

This colt is extremely special, he got his sire’s conformation with an attractive and flashy color. He got two ice blue eyes. His attitude is already showing his abilities to be one of the top in the showring.

Pictures taken at 5 days old. He is one of the next top horse in Europe and he will be sold with a training contract in our farm for 2020.

Size and Fertility Guarantee.
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