EBF SH Caipirinha

Born: 19/03/2019.
Colour: Silver Buckskin Pinto
Height: will be 32/33 at maturity
Dam: RHA Mandoline Wind
Sir: EBF John’s Suprême Héritage

Caipirinha is the name of a portugues alcohol who is sweet and strong that’s why we named this filly that way. She is a delicate filly with a strong character.

Her mother is a Multiple AMHR USA National Champion Mare, Her father is our AMHA European Suprême Champion and AMHA European Suprême Champion producer « EBF John’s suprême Héritage ».

This filly is 25% ASPC from her dam side. She will be 32/33inches at maturity. She got the color of her famous sire, she is really elegant and refined with a gorgeous head. She got everything to become a good show filly.

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