New service offerings at EBF

For many years I had request from horses owners to prepare their horses for photoshoots, to put their horses in shape to be sold, to offer stabling for their horses etc.. With the new EBF training center we will now offer different new services to our clients, starting in March 2017:

– Stabling for your miniature horses.

– Stabling/ conditioning your horses for a photoshoot. The photoshoot will be organised at EBF with our official professional photographer Carla Meulman-van Den Berg

– Stabling/conditioning/sales. We condition and prepare your horse to be sold and take care of the sale itself including receiving inquiries and talking to potential buyers.

Occasionally we also offer transport for your horses.

Please contact us for all the details.

Oak Bay Mi Amigo

Oak Bay Mi Amigo

Oak Bay Mi Amigo is known all over the world by the mini lovers. He is an Arabian horse in Miniature. When you are a mini fan and you can see Mi Amigo in real life he is just a dream come true. He has been AMHA World Grand Champion Stallion at the World Championship Show, he already produced World Champions and World Grand Champions horses in USA. In Europe one of his first offspring went AMHA European Grand Champion in 2016. This year will be his first breeding year at EBF and we expect gorgeous special foals from him.
Thank you to Elsje and Karl for importing Mi Amigo from USA and giving me the opportunity to buy him.

4 breedings available in 2017.

Oak Bay Mi Amigo
Oak Bay Mi Amigo