Marielunds Exclusive 4U2NV

Marielunds Exclusive 4U2NV

Marielunds Exclusive Idol x 

Marielunds Ballistics Good2B True


2023 – 

will be 31,5/32 Inch – 

Smoky Black

ACAN N/N and SA free

Great little size colt. He will be 31,5/32 at maturity. He is a smoky Black since his sire is a Buckskin and his dam is a palomino pinto. Perfect legs, teeth, Short Back, beautiful head.

His Bloodlines include First knight Billy Idol, Champion Farms Nighthawk, little kings Ballistic Buckeroo and a lot of others. This colt is a real showstopper and will stay small. He is ACAN and SA Free.

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