Name: EBF John’s Betty Boop
Birthdate: 10.05.2017.
Color: Chestnut Apaloosa with one blue eye
Sire: Samis VIP Mr John
Dam: Sonoita Invader infatuation
Size: will be 31/32 at maturity

Betty Boop is a keeper filly from 2017 for our farm, unfortunatly we have so many horses than we need to make a choice. She is a really special filly from her bloodlines and also with a special color. Her father is our Multiple Suprême Champion Sire and 2007 AMHA European Suprême Champion « Samis VIP Mr John ». Her mother is a Top Ten World Champion mare named « Sonoita Invader Infatuation ». Betty Boop’s 2015 sister went AMHA European Grand Champion Héritage Mare. Betty Boop will be a color producer. She will be around 31 at maturity and carry wonderful blood.

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